Price Guide for the Beatles American Records

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by Perry Cox and Frank Daniels.
Edited by Bruce Spizer

Book sold out – slipcase only is still available.


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An exciting new publication with thousands of new listings. Unlike prior guides, all formats for a particular title will be listed together. Thus, the listings under Abbey Road will include vinyl records, 4-track tapes, 8-track tapes, cassettes and compact discs, all in one place. The book will also have color images throughout. Each page of listings will have color images of some of the items described on the page. Most pages have four images, with some having more.

Another innovation is the adoption of the numbering system used in Bruce Spizer's books. This will enable collectors to coordinate prices in the guide with images in Bruce Spizer's books. The identification numbers assigned to items in this book are permanent and will not change in future editions. Each listing will have a checkbox so that collectors can mark the items in their collections. Many people will want to own two copies of the book: one for marking up and one to keep on the shelf with their other Beatles books.PRICE GUIDE SLIPCASE

Product Details

6th edition
330 pages.
9″ x 12″
full color-throughout
ISBN# 978-0-9662649-7-5

Customer Reviews

  1. Rick saylor

    Does the Beatles price guide have photos of all album and 45 covers and sleeves?

  2. Steve Miller

    WOW! When it was first released, it was an amazing production of detail, photos, and price ranges. My copy was the slip-cased and signed version – and now more than 15 years later – I STILL refer to it to help ID the lesser known items and it provides rare details of the known items and their many reprints as well. NOTE – there is a downloadable errata sheet you’ll want to print out and add to your book, too! I HOPE ONE DAY they release another version of this release – as clearly the US catalog is the most numerous, and proper identification is so important for collectors to have access to! Enjoy!

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