Shipping within the United States

For many years we tried different ways of computing shipping costs. These almost always resulted in either our charging too much or in our losing money on shipping. After consultation with other businesses that sell books, we decided to simplify matters and go with a straight shipping charge for domestic orders of $8 per book.

Please bear in mind that we have to pay for our supplies and postage with no discounts that companies like Amazon receive. And unlike Amazon, we carefully package our books in bubble wrap and sturdy boxes, which add to our costs. There is also labor involved in properly packing the books, entering the order into the system, determining postage and applying shipping labels. We have also learned that although we can save money on postage and supplies if we put several books in one box, we have found that doing so often leads to the books arriving damaged. Accordingly, we now limit the number of books and/or total weight we place in one box. While we understand that the total shipping cost may seem high for orders involving multiple books, please bear in mind that the shipping cost is based on a per book basis.

Shipping outside the United States

For many years, the United States Postal Service (USPS) had a special media mail rate for international shipping. Unfortunately, the USPS eliminated the media mail option for international shipping. Our only options though USPS are significantly higher than not only domestic shipping rates, but also previous international rates. These high USPS rates also now apply to Canada and Mexico. As the majority of the cost is for the international service itself, there are some savings in shipping multiple books in one box. Because our order system calculates shipping costs on a per book basis, the shipping for multiple book international orders can be very expensive. To the extent we can do so without making the box too heavy and risking damage in shipping, we will pack between two to four books in one box, demanding on the weight of the books ordered. If you contact us by email at, we will provide you with a lower shipping price for orders of multiple books. In the meantime, we will contact the USPS to see if using its “flat rate” boxes will work for us. It is possible that we may be able to use “flat rate” boxes for the smaller books in the Beatles Album Series. We will also check to see if we can lower shipping costs by using private services such as FedEx, UPS and DHL. We are sorry that the shipping costs have become so high and hope that we can find ways to lower the costs.

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