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Beatles Solo on Apple Records

This follow-up to The Beatles on Apple Records chronicles the solo releases by John, Paul, George and Ringo issued from 1968-1975.

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At 310 pages with over 800 images, this book covers the Beatles solo releases on Apple, including Imagine, Band On The Run, All Things Must Pass and Ringo. The brilliance of John, Paul, George and Ringo didn't die in early 1970 when the Beatles officially broke up, and this book highlights their later, often forgotten work.

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310 pages
9″ x 12″
Full color throughout
ISBN# 09662649-59

No Prizes

Although every effort was made to ensure that the information is accurate and complete, errors, omissions and typos do occur. At an early age, my extensive comic book reading taught me that writers often make mistakes. Marvel Comics addressed this problem by awarding a “no prize” to the first reader to write a letter informing the editor of the mistake. Here are the No Prizes awarded for this book. Thank you to all you eagle-eyed Beatles fans. Page 128, right column, second paragraph. The last sentence should be deleted and replaced with the following: A Love For You appeared on the 2003 soundtrack album for The In-Laws. At least three others were recorded that have yet to be officially released: Rode All Night, Hey Diddle (although an acoustic version is on the 2001 collection Wingspan) and Sunshine, Sometime. No Prize: Chris Carter. Page 219, right column, last paragraph. The last sentence should be deleted and replaced with the following: The LP topped the New Musical Express chart for seven weeks. No Prize: Yan Friis, who gets a Super Deluxe No Prize for explaining to me that the reason the album only got to number 4 on the Record Retailer album chart was that, due to a postal strike, Record Retailer did not print fresh weekly album charts from February 6, 1971, through April 3, 1971, but rather reran the January 30, 1971, chart for eight weeks! Page 283, left column, fourth paragraph. The song title Whispering Trees should be Whispering Grass as it correctly appears at the start of the column. This error appears twice in the paragraph. No Prize: Bob Zack Final End Sheet. The last image on the page should be the picture sleeve for Goodnight Vienna (see page 333) rather than the album cover for Goodnight Vienna. No Prize: Bruce Spizer. Although I looked at proofs of the end sheets several times, I did not catch the image import error until the finished books arrived. It was the very first thing I noticed!