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Bruce Spizer’s books tell the fascinating and sometimes convoluted stories behind the Beatles vinyl releases. Although Bruce has concentrated on the Beatles in America, his latest book, Beatles For Sale on Parlophone Records, covers all of the singles, albums and extended play (EP) discs issued by the Beatles in the U.K. in the sixties. The book discusses how the songs were written, recorded and marketed in the U.K., complete with images of all of the record sleeves, picture sleeves, album covers, EP jackets and record labels. Although the book is a “must-have” for collectors, even casual fans will find the book’s stories behind the songs and records fascinating. As is the case with Bruce’s prior books, no matter how much you know about the Beatles, you will learn something new from the book.

Bruce’s previous books covered the Beatles singles and albums issued in America. From the very first record bearing the Beatles name in the U.S.A., Please Please Me b/w Ask Me Why, released by Vee-Jay Records on February 7, 1963, through the last disc issued by their own company during the Apple era, George Harrison’s This Guitar (Can’t Keep From Crying) on December 8, 1975, all the way to and including the triumphant return of Apple Records and the release of Live At The BBC, Anthology and the phenomenally successful Beatles 1, Bruce documents the ins and outs of every Beatles record released in America, down to the smallest detail.

Bruce’s books contain the complete history of the writing and recording of the songs, the selection of singles in America, the compiling of the unique American albums and the marketing of the Beatles to America. Each book is filled with several hundred full color and original black & white images of 45 rpm discs, picture sleeves, album labels, album covers, promotional posters, rare point-of-purchase displays, memorabilia, Billboard magazine ads, company documents and, of course, the Beatles themselves. Many of these images are from Bruce’s extensive Beatles collection, while others were contributed by top Beatles collectors and dealers throughout the world.

The visually stunning images alone make these books worth the price of admission; however, Bruce’s stellar research and lively writing style make these books the ultimate reference guides to the music and records of the Beatles.

Each of Bruce’s books on the American records has been named “Beatles Book of the Year” by Goldmine magazine in its year of publication. They have been praised by music industry insiders and respected members of the press:

“Bruce Spizer is the ultimate presenter of the historical phenomenon known as the Beatles.” – Ken Mansfield, Apple’s first U.S. manager

“Bruce provides an entertaining journey through Beatlemania through the eyes and ears of America.” – Alan Livingston, president of Capitol Records, 1962-1968

“The Beatles Are Coming! is a thoroughly researched and entertaining account of the group’s first U.S. visit, full of interesting and little known stories about how the Beatles caught on in America.” – Walter Cronkite, former CBS News Director and anchorman

Click on book covers for more information on each of Bruce’s books or explore this site for additional Beatles history and information, including an archive of articles written by Bruce.

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