What comedians did the Beatles see in Miami Beach?

During their stay at the Deauville Hotel in Miami Beach, the Beatles saw two comedians at the hotel’s night clubs. Who were these comedians?


Don Rickels and Myron Cohen. Rickels’ routine consisted of launching insults at members of the audience. Everyone was fair game, including little old ladies and, of course, the Beatles and Sgt. Dresner, who had been assigned to escort the group during their stay in Miami. “Look at this. A police sergeant guarding four Zulus when all over the city there’s fighting and burglary going on.”  Although the Beatles laughed along with the audience each time Rickles took aim at them, they were not amused. The group was trying to keep a low profile and resented being publicly embarrassed by the comedian. George thought it unfair that only Rickles had a microphone. “If we’d had him on our own terms we could have made mincemeat out of him.” Myron Cohen, a more traditional comedian, would be one of the acts on the upcoming Ed Sullivan Show broadcast from the Deauville.

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