V 1.1 (9/9/13)

The following is a list of errors found in Version 1.0 of the book. Depending on when you downloaded the book, some or all of the items may or may not have already been corrected. All of the corrections below will have been made for downloads after September 9, 2013.

Page iii, second to last paragraph, first sentence. The last word should be “internet” rather than “interest.” (No Prize awarded to Steve Fish.)

Page xi, title at top. Although Perry Cox wrote the Foreword to the original edition of the book in 1997, the title at the top has a typo and reads “Foreword (1977)” rather than “Foreword (1997).” (No Prize awarded to David Schwartz.)

Page xxvii, first paragraph, last sentence. The word “know” should be “known.” You would think that even Beatles fans hungry for a No Prize would cut me some slack, realizing that I failed to hit the “n” key hard enough for it to register the “n” at the end of “know.” But I should have known better. (No Prize awarded to Bruce Mulle.)

Page 21, last paragraph, third sentence. The word “with” is missing. The sentence should read “The American singer/guitarist was so impressed with the latter song….” (No Prize awarded to Steve Fish, again.)

Page 23, paragraph 3, line 10. The first name of the Beatles manager is misspelled as “Brain.” While he certainly was a brain, his first name should be spelled as “Brian.” (No Prize awarded to Keith Shauger.)

Page 123, second paragraph, third sentence. There is a typo with the word “mental” appearing instead of “metal.” The sentence should end with “…manufactured with metal parts generated by Monarch.” (No Prize awarded to Steve Fish for his metal, I mean “mental” abilities is spotting typos!)

Page 146, last sentence on the page. There is an extra “s” at the front of the word “stampers” so that it is erroneously appears as “sstampers.” (No Prize awarded to Steve Fish. I think this guy is fishing for errors.)

Page 155. The text states that Arthur Godfrey had a single on Tollie. The television/radio personality did not record for Tollie. The single was actually by country singer Ray Godfrey. This error was also corrected on the listing of Tollie 9030 in the Tollie Singles Discography on page 158. (No Prize awarded to Tom Diehl.)

Pages 157 and 158.  Tollie Singles Discography. The recording artist for Tollie 9007 is listed as  Kal Davis & the Exceptions. The lead singer’s name is Kal David. (No Prize awarded to Dan Hagstrom.)

Pages 157 and 158.  Tollie Singles Discography. About a dozen or so other minor changes were made to the discography listings, including misspellings of artist names, correcting a word in a song title and changing the designation of A and B-sides on some of the singles. These changes were made by the author after reviewing Mark Galloway’s collection of Tollie singles, which will be made available as a separate download in late September. A special No Prize is awarded to Mark Galloway for tracking down all of the Tollie singles and albums! A True Believer!!! ’Nuff Said!!!

Page 183, second paragraph, sentence four. Once again, the final letter of a word did not get typed in. The word “though” should be “thought” so that the sentence begins with “Apparently engineer Roger Anfinsen thought the count-in….” (No Prize awarded to Steve Fish. That’s five for those who are counting!)

Page 450. The Rockaway Records ad appearing in the initial downloads of the eBook was mistakenly an ad from a few years ago. It has been replaced with a current ad. (No Prize and apologies awarded to Wayne Johnson.)


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