Trivia: Song on Ringo’s first album and Paul’s latest album

What song appears on both Ringo’s first album and Paul’s latest album (as of February, 2012),what are the names of the two albums and their producers, and who arranged the version of the song appearing on Ringo’s album?

The song “Bye Bye Blackbird” appears on both albums. Ringo’s “Sentimental Journey” was produced by George Martin, while Paul’s “Kisses On The Bottom” was produced by Tommy LiPuma. In the liner notes to Paul’s album, he states that working with LiPuma reminded him of working with George Martin in that both are very knowledgeable and know all the good players. The version of “Bye Bye Blackbird” on Ringo’s album was arranged by Maurice Gibb of the Bee-Gees. The song is an American vaudeville classic dating back to 1926. Learn more about Ringo’s first album in “The Beatles Solo on Apple Records.”

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