The Beatles Finally Let It Be now available on Kindle!

Exciting News!

The Beatles Finally Let It Be is now available in the Kindle format on All the images are included! This is a great companion to your hard cover book and even your digital PDF edition because you can access it on any smart phone or tablet.

The Kindle version is a reflowable e-book which allows you to resize the text to meet your needs. But image resolution must be kept low to comply with file size limits. This was particularly challenging because Bruce’s books have so many images, and we know people like to zoom in on the small print and image details.

For most of our customers, the Kindle version will be a convenient “travel” version of the book, not a replacement for those wanting a hardcover book or a high-resolution PDF version. But you may have friends who prefer the convenience of Kindle books and have not bought Bruce’s books because they rarely buy physical books. Please let them know about the Kindle version of The Beatles Finally Let It Be.

For those who buy directly from 498 Productions, we greatly appreciate your business and will continue to provide our usual special perks to our customers, such as having your books signed by Bruce (and personalized if requested) and carefully packed in bubble wrap and sturdy boxes.

The Beatles Finally Let It Be is the first of Bruce’s books to be converted to Kindle. We are currently converting the rest of his Album Series (not the Original Series). Watch for future announcements as each title is available.

Here’s the link to it on Amazon.

Please FOLLOW Bruce’s Amazon page as well to be notified of new Kindles.

Tell us what you think:

This is our first time releasing one of Bruce’s books in the Kindle format, so if you purchase it, we’d love to hear from you about what you like about it and, especially, any issues you have. Keep in mind that this is not meant as a replacement for our high-resolution PDF (sold exclusively on which is an exact reproduction (aka print replica) of the print edition.


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