Capitol Records

50 Years Ago: Beatles Butcher Cover Fiasco

The infamous Beatles Butcher cover (shown above) made its limited appearance in June 1966. After Capitol Records sent out copies of the album to distributors, disc jockeys and reviewers, the company was besieged with angry protests over the grisly photo. It marked the first time that the Beatles judgment was severely and universally criticized. Faced…

Apple’s American Debut – The Original 1968 Press Kit

On August 22, 1968, Apple Records’ Los Angeles office mailed press kits containing the label’s first four releases. Relive the excitement felt by DJs receiving “Hey Jude” and Mary Hopkin’s “Those Were The Days” along with photos and notes on each recording artist.

Paul McCartney Admits Beatles Planned Death Hoax

Bruce tells how and why the Beatles maticulously planted clues of Paul’s death in their songs and album covers beginning in the summer of 1966, with quotes from Paul and Beatles press agent Tony Barrow.

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