SEEKING FAN RECOLLECTIONS for Bruce’s next book, The Beatles Hard Day’s Night & More

Hard Days Night Book Cover

Last Call: Deadline Extended to Feb 29!

We have received many great fan recollections on seeing the film A Hard Day’s Night.

As the book is called The Beatles A Hard Day’s Night & More, we would also like to have some fan recollections about other topics covered by the book such as The Beatles’ Second Album, Something New and Jolly What!

We are not looking for an analysis of these albums, just your reaction to hearing them at the time.

If by chance you have a copy of Songs, Pictures And Stories of the Fabulous Beatles where you and your friends placed photos on the back cover, we’d love to see it.

We’d also like to include more photos from 1964, particularly associated with going to the film or with your records or other Beatles memorabilia. We do not need contemporary photos of you with your collection.

While we will not be able to print all of the fan recollections submitted in the book, many of those that do not make the cut will appear in a digital supplement and in the digital edition.

As always, we appreciate the time it takes for you to share your memories.

Bruce is continuing work on his upcoming book The Beatles A Hard Day’s Night & More, the next installment in his Beatles Album Series.

In addition to the Beatles first film and its related British and American soundtrack albums and associated singles and EPs, the book covers the other records released in America and Canada from February through October 1964, including the U.S. albums The Beatles’ Second Album and Something New, and the Canadian Long Tall Sally LP, as well as the numerous recycled albums and singles released by Vee-Jay. In addition to the usual chapters on the British, American and Canadian perspectives, the book contains chapters on the records released from the 1961 Hamburg recordings and chapters on the recording sessions and album covers, as well as on the news, music and films of the era to place the film and these records in their proper context. And, of course, fan recollections.

Bruce has completed writing and editing all but three of the major chapters in the book and will soon begin the selection and editing process for the Fan Recollections. We are interested in fan recollections regarding the film and the records covered in the book.

If you wish to submit a Fan Recollection, please consider writing about your initial reaction to hearing (or, in the case of the film, seeing) one of the following:

  • the A Hard Day’s Night film;
  • the “Can’t Buy Me Love” single;
  • the “A Hard Day’s Night” single;
  • the Long Tall Sally EP;
  • the Capitol singles containing other songs from the film;
  • the “Match Box”/”Slowdown” single;
  • the British, American or Canadian A Hard Day’s Night album;
  • The Beatles’ Second Album;
  • the Something New album;
  • the Canadian Long Tall Sally album;

You may also write about the singles or albums containing the Hamburg recordings, as well as the Vee-Jay singles and albums such as: Jolly What!; Songs, Pictures and Stories of the Fabulous Beatles; and The Beatles vs. The Four Seasons.

Bruce is not looking for an analysis about these great albums and singles, but rather your reactions to first experiencing them. There will not be space to publish fan recollections covering multiple topics, so please limit your recollection to one or two of the above topics. If you write about the Songs, Pictures album and you and your friends filled in your names or pasted your pictures on the back cover to show which Beatle loved you, or filled in the scorecard on the back of the Beatles vs. Four Seasons LP, please write about that. You can even send an image of the back cover to us for possible inclusion.

Bruce is also looking for photos taken during 1964 of fans and the albums and singles covered by the book, or of you and your friends going to, or better still, at the movie. If you have pictures of you (and your friends) with Beatles records and memorabilia taken back in 1964, we would love to see them. We do not have space to run contemporary (recent) pictures of fans with their Beatles items.


FEBRUARY 29, 2024

200 word maximum.
Shorter comments are fine

SUBMIT YOUR MEMORIES – LEAVE A REPLY IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW – BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME. By submitting, you give your permission for Bruce Spizer and 498 Productions LLC to use your submission in part or full in any print, digital, marketing or any other use. You are not granting an exclusive right and you may still use your submission for any purpose you deem appropriate. No photo required, but it would be great if you have one.

Bruce Spizer with his Magical Mystery Tour album.

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498 Productions will begin taking advance orders for the new book in late February 2024. The publication date is not yet determined; however, the book will be published in summer or early fall of 2024. Those pre-ordering the book directly from 498 Productions will receive their copies of The Beatles A Hard Day’s Night & More in advance of the publication date. And, of course, the books will be signed by Bruce and personalized if requested.

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