[Review] The Beatles Please Please Me To With The Beatles

BY STEVE MATTEO, Feb. 7, 2024

Along with Mark Lewisohn, Bruce Spizer may be the world’s most esteemed expert on the music of The Beatles. This new book is his seventh in his album series. The eight books prior focused on the various record labels the group recorded with were how he established himself in the world of Beatles scholarship.

This book is the most comprehensive edition in the album series. It is the third book where he covers multiple albums, with previous books covering Yellow Submarine and Magical Mystery Tour and another covering Rubber SoulRevolver, and Yesterday and Today. This book is focused on Please, Please MeIntroducing the BeatlesWith the Beatles, and Meet The Beatles.

The hefty tome is very much a chronicle of the birth of the group as recording artists. The beautiful hardcover book begins with pages upon pages of illuminating text on the four albums and singles from this period, along with album jackets, singles sleeves, and a plethora of eye-popping memorabilia. There is also coverage of other Beatles music out at the same time, current movies, and further context on the news and cultural climate of the day. Further sections include fan recollections and an extensive and detailed track annotation. This is one of those books that make for a great read but can also be pulled off the shelf and perused.

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