The Beatles’ Story on Capitol Records – Part 1: Beatlemania and the Singles (Archive Edition)

The story of Beatlemania in America, from its modest beginnings to total euphoria, this book explains why Capitol turned the Beatles down four times before finally agreeing to release their records.

Includes the history of the Beatles hit singles on Capitol, from I Want To Hold Your Hand through Lady Madonna, as well as Capitol’s special promotional and juke box discs, and the unique singles issued by Capitol of Canada.

In addition to providing new information on all of the Beatles singles issued by Capitol, the revised and expanded digital edition contains the full story behind the Capitol Compact 33 jukebox discs and adds a new chapter on the history of the 45 RPM single and how Capitol quickly embraced the new format. There is also a new chapter titled “Capitol of the World,” which lists and provides details on all of the British recordings issued as singles by Capitol pre-Beatles from 1956 – 1963.


This book sold out years ago, but in preparing for our move, we have located very limited quantities of our four sold out books, which shall be sold as special Archive Editions. These books shall be priced at fair market value and are intended strictly for those wanting these books for their own collections. Please do not buy these books if you are planning to immediately sell them on the secondary market. Please let them be available for those wanting to add the books to their collections.

Customers are limited to one book of each title.

Will come with a special ARCHIVE EDITION sticker on the title page.

Includes free download version.


Reviews refer to print edition “Comprehensive . . . beautiful . . . lavish.” Billboard “your ticket to recounting a most incredible time in the history of popular music.” Daytrippin’ “Addictive.” Rolling Stone “Comprehensive, lavishly illustrated.” Billboard “Visually stunning and awe inspiring.” The World Beatles Forum

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