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The Beatles Finally Finally Let It Be Supplement

Supplements The Beatles Finally Let It Be book – covers the Peter Jackson documentary The Beatles: Get Back and the Let It Be box set.

We highly recommend purchasing The Beatles Finally Let It Be, which already includes this download. The book covers the Get Back/Let It Be sessions, the unreleased Get Back albums, the Let It Be album and film, the noteworthy Get Back bootlegs, the Anthology tracks from the sessions and Let It Be…Naked.

Even better, the Collector’s edition includes the download AND the printed version of the supplement.



Back in April 2020 when we began taking orders for The Beatles Finally Let It Be, I realized that there would not be time before the book went to press to include any coverage of the Peter Jackson documentary The Beatles: Get Back or the anticipated Let It Be box set. We announced that I would prepare a supplement to the book to cover the new releases. At that time, I was expecting a two-hour film and a box set to be released in late August 2020, and planned to write an eight-page supplement for release in September 2020. I had no idea that due to Covid 19 and other factors, the two-hour documentary would be expanded into a nearly eight-hour three-part film available on Disney+ or that there would be a new The Beatles: Get Back book or that the documentary would not be released until late November 2021.

The Peter Jackson documentary finally came out this past Thanksgiving weekend. It was, of course, incredible. I watched it three times, once to enjoy and twice to take notes for the supplement. I finally finished and, like the film, ended up expanding it to twelve pages.


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12 pages. No images.

Printed edition: 8.5″ x 8.5″

Digital edition: can be printed on any home printer and cut to 8.5″x8.5″ to fit into your book.

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