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The Beatles Are Coming!

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The Birth of Beatlemania in America

The most thorough and accurate book ever published on how Beatlemania evolved in America, this book covers the Beatles first visit to the United States and the events leading up to their arrival on February 7, 1964.

It details why Capitol Records turned the group down four times and tells the stories of two small record labels, Vee-Jay and Swan, who issued the group’s records without success in 1963.

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Editorial Reviews

“Lavishly illustrated, carefully researched” -The New York Times

“Expansive and authoritative” -The Washington Post

“FOUR STARS” -Rolling Stone

‘The Beatles are Coming’ was probably the best book I recall ever reading about the Fab Four. The book was like a time machine, all the details and so much about the record release goofs and blunders that could’ve derailed musical history. I loved it. I’ll read it again just like going to see a movie twice that you loved. To me all the prefame stuff is the real gold and your book brought it all back to life. Incredible job. Kellen

“The Beatles Are Coming! is a thoroughly researched and entertaining account of the group’s first U.S. visit, full of interesting and little-known stories about how the Beatles caught on in America.” —From the foreword by Walter Cronkite

“Bruce provides an entertaining journey through Beatlemania through the eyes and ears of America.” —Alan Livingston, president of Capitol Records (1962-1968)

“Bruce Spizer is the ultimate presenter of the historical phenomenon known as the Beatles.” —Ken Mansfield, first U.S. manager of Apple Records

Table of Contents

February 7, 1964 The Beatles arrive in New York
February 7, 1963 Please Please Me single released in America
February 11, 1963 The Beatles record their first album
February 22, 1963 Love Me Do released in Canada
May 6, 1963 From Me To You released in America on Vee-Jay
June 22, 1963 Vee-Jay masters its Introducing The Beatles LP
August 8, 1963 EMI terminates its licensing agreements with Vee-Jay
September 16, 1963 She Loves You released in America on Swan
November 5, 1963 Manager Brian Epstein visits New York
November 15, 1963 Time and Newsweek run stories on the Beatles
November 22, 1963 With The Beatles released in the UK
November 25, 1963 Capitol of Canada releases Beatlemania! LP
December 4, 1963 Capitol announces its signing of the Beatles
December 26, 1963 Capitol releases I Want To Hold Your Hand
January 3, 1964 A clip of the Beatles shown on The Jack Paar Program
January 10, 1964 Vee-Jay releases Introducing The Beatles
January 13, 1964 Capitol sues Vee-Jay
January 16, 1964 The Beatles learn I Want To Hold Your Hand is No. 1 in America
January 20, 1964 Capitol releases Meet The Beatles!
February 3, 1964 Capitol of Canada releases Twist And Shout LP
February 4, 1964 Capitol prepares for the Beatles arrival
February 7, 1964 The Beatles first night in New York
February 8, 1964 The Beatles second day in New York
February 9, 1964 The Beatles appear on The Ed Sullivan Show .
February 10, 1964 The Beatles marathon press conferences at the Plaza Hotel
February 11, 1964 The Beatles first U.S. concert in Washington, D.C.
February 12, 1964 The Beatles play Carnegie Hall
February 13-20, 1964 The Beatles vacation in Miami and appear on The Ed Sullivan Show
February 21, 1964 The Beatles head home

The Third Sullivan Show
What If Capitol Records Had Released She Loves You ?
Radio, Radio Magazines
Miscellaneous Myths
The Ed Sullivan Show Remembered
Fab Four Firsts In America
How Vee-Jay Squeezed 16 Or So Records From 16 Beatles Songs
Beatles American Discography, 1962-1964

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246 pages
9″ x 12″
Full color throughout

Hardback ISBN# 978-0-9662649-9-9

Paperback ISBN# 09662649-91

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  1. Glenn Frankel

    Thanks, Bruce. I’m especially interested in material about Brian Epstein. I’ve got your wonderful Beatles Are Coming book, which is a detailed and impressive piece of research

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