The Beatles A Hard Day’s Night & More




The next installment in Bruce Spizer’s Beatles Album Series.

The official publication date: August 2024.



The Beatles A Hard Day's Night & More covers the Beatles first film and its related soundtrack albums from the British, American and Canadian perspectives. And, as the title implies, there is much more. The book also covers the records released from the Beatles 1961 Hamburg recordings, as well as the other singles and albums released from February through October of 1964, primarily in the United States and Canada. The book also contains the usual chapters on the EMI recording sessions for the singles and albums, and the album covers. And, like the other books in the Beatles Album Series, the book contains chapters on the news, music and films of the era to place the Beatles debut film and its related records in their proper context. And, of course, fan recollections.

The Beatles A Hard Day's Night & More, together with its companion book The Beatles Please Please Me to With The Beatles, provide the full story of the records and events that fueled and maintained the first phase of Beatlemania.

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Product Details

1st edition, 2024

272 pages
9″ x 9″

330 images (315 color and 15 original black & white)

Print edition ISBN 979-8-9863190-8-7

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Table of Contents


The Beatles are Back for A Hard Day’s Night

A Hard Day’s Night in America

Records from the 1961 Hamburg Sessions

A Hard Day’s Night in Canada by Piers Hemmingsen

1964–The Year of the Beatles & More by Al Sussman

The Music of 1964: The British Invasion & More by Al Sussman

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Movies

Rock ’n’ Roll Goes to the Movies by Frank Daniels

The Beatles in Film Before A Hard Day’s Night

Picture Sleeves

Fan Recollections

A Fan’s Notes: A Hard Day’s Night by Bill King

Bill King’s Interview with Walter Shenson by Bill King

The Beatles Live At The Hollywood Bowl

A Zany and Animated Cover

The Hamburg Recording Sessions

The A Hard Day’s Night Recording Sessions