PODCAST An Evening with Norwegian Wood and Bruce Spizer

“John Lennon Focal Points” hosts Jude and Rande Kessler welcome Special Guest, Beatles music expert and author Bruce Spizer for “An Evening in Norwegian Wood.” You’ll travel back to 12 October 1965 when The Beatles returned to EMI Studios to begin making the sixth LP “Rubber Soul.” After recording a song John called “a throwaway song,” a rocker called “Run for Your Life,” they turned their attention to another Lennon number, “This Bird Has Flown.” In a PowerPoint with rare photos and music, you’ll watch the creation of “This Bird Has Flown” and hear the finished product from that October evening. The narrative is a sneak peek from Jude Kessler’s upcoming work, Shades of Life, Part 2: Some Forever. Then, Bruce Spizer talks about the differences between “This Bird Has Flown” and the finished product completed nine days later, “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown).” He talks about the impact of the “Help!” LP on “Rubber Soul” and takes questions from the Focal Points audience on his new book The Beatles Rubber Soul to Revolver. This informative evening with Spizer answers all you ever wanted to know about “This Bird Has Flown.” Enjoy!

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