New book on schedule to debut at Chicago Beatles Fest in August

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June 2, 2011 has learned that Bruce Spizer received a small number of advance copies of his upcoming book “Beatles For Sale on Parlophone Records.” According to Spizer, the copies arrived about a week ahead of schedule, giving him confidence that the book will indeed be available for sale at the August 5 – 7, 2011, Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago and later that month at the International Beatles Week in Liverpool. He will also have the book for the Washington, D.C. Abbey Road on the River over Labor Day weekend.

Spizer indicated that he was very pleased with how the book came out. “The colors look great. Although I was concerned that the black with silver print Parlophone labels would make for a dull-looking tome, there are enough colorful posters, record jackets, 45 sleeves and other cool images to make the book a visual treat comparable to my other books.”

The book is a massive 444 pages and comes with a 24-page booklet containing a checklist of all of the label variations and cover variations of the Beatles U.K. records released in the sixties. The booklet also contains ads from respectable Beatles vendors and a pictorial bibliography.

Fans will also have the option of buying the book with a slipcase. Spizer said, “I am delighted with the case. It is green to match the color of the Parlophone singles sleeves. It has an image of the “Paperback Writer” label on one side and the “Please Please Me” red label single in its multi-colored geometric sleeve on the other.”

The special Collector’s Edition comes in the slipcase along with a bookmark, a poster showing the covers of the Beatles U.K. album covers and EP jackets, a color print by artist Eric Cash of the Beatles performing “Hey Jude” and a replica of the “Penny Lane”/”Strawberry Fields Forever” promotional card prepared by Tony Barrow for NEMS. Spizer indicated that the book contains two other drawings by Eric Cash. One depicts John singing “All You Need Is Love” for the Our World broadcast. The other, featuring Paul singing “Get Back” during the roof top concert, was drawn by Cash especially for the book.

Co-author Frank Daniels is also excited about the book, having just received his copy. Daniels says that “Now that I’ve actually seen the finished product, I am even more convinced that fans and collectors alike will learn quite a bit about the Beatles from reading the book.” The book devotes a chapter to each of the Beatles records. According to Daniels, “There is something fun in every chapter. We solved a few mysteries and busted a few myths along the way.”

The book will be officially published on October 5, 2011, which is the 49th anniversary of Parlophone 4949, the Beatles first single, “Love Me Do.” Spizer expects to send pre-publication orders received before July 15 out in early August. The book has two cover variations. One cover features the jacket to the mono “Beatles For Sale” LP, while the other has the jacket to the stereo version of “Beatles For Sale.” Spizer said pre-orders are brisk, with about 70% requesting the mono cover.

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