[NEW BOOK] Announcing: The Beatles White Album and the Launch of Apple



If you liked Bruce’s Sgt. Pepper book you will love his next book in his album series.

With contributions by Bruce, Bill King, Al Sussman, Frank Daniels, Piers Hemmingsen and others.

The 9″ x 9″ hardcover book will have tons of images, all in glorious color or original black and white. The book will be available in both a standard edition and a limited edition, which will come with an O-case, poster, bookmark and free link for the eBook edition.

Pricing and ordering information will be announced shortly. Watch this space!


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  • In late Fall, back in 1968, I was a 14 year old, 8th grader in a small town in Upstate New York. My older brother and I were huge Beatle fans since day one (Feb. 9, 1964). We each bought every album when they came out. When we heard that the new album was going to be a double LP, we couldn’t wait to hear it. The day it was released my brother and his friend took me and one of my friends (all of us Beatle fans) to the shopping center so that we could all buy a copy. I remember coming home and my friend and I in one room, and my brother and his friend in his room, began listening to this masterpiece. We were all so excited. We each kept sticking our heads in each other’s room saying “WOW, did you hear that?!!”. That’s why in my 1973 High School Graduation Yearbook my fondest memory is listed as “when they released the Beatle’s White Album”.

  • I cherish memories of buying the “White Album”. I was fifteen in 1968, and a huge music fan. Although I was hearing some of the cuts playing in a local record store, and loving them, I had to wait until I received Christmas money from my aunt, to be able to buy the album. On a very cold day after Christmas, I caught a bus downtown (Baltimore), bought the record and rushed right back home. I played both albums immediately. I had to take a break for dinner, but of course continued to listen for the rest of the night and for the next week (it being Christmas break!). I was amazed at the variety in the songs. I also loved the printed lyrics on the poster! I still tell this story fifty years later.

  • I turned 13 on November 23 and up untill then this was the best birthday present i ever had. My father drove me to Sam Goody’s and bought me the album for my birthday! Fifty years and several well worn copies later, it’s still my favorite!

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