[NEW BOOK] Announcing: The Beatles White Album and the Launch of Apple



If you liked Bruce’s Sgt. Pepper book you will love his next book in his album series.

With contributions by Bruce, Bill King, Al Sussman, Frank Daniels, Piers Hemmingsen and others.

The 9″ x 9″ hardcover book will have tons of images, all in glorious color or original black and white. The book will be available in both a standard edition and a limited edition, which will come with an O-case, poster, bookmark and free link for the eBook edition.

Pricing and ordering information will be announced shortly. Watch this space!


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  • I remember my first copy of “The Beatles” like it was yesterday. I was waiting at my local record store when they received their shipment that day. I helped them open the boxes and everyone thought that there was a problem…a new album with no cover. Only upon closer inspection did we see the raised print and number along the bottom of the LP. Of course, I wore that copy out playing it over and over and over. I even played it backwards to explore the “Paul is dead” clues which didn’t help preserve the grooves a

  • In November 1968 I was a 13 year-old kid in the 9th grade, living in a small suburban town in northern Ontario (Canada). Before roughly ‘Day Tripper/We Can Work it Out’ and ‘Rubber Soul’ the Beatles had belonged to my older sister and her friends. By ‘Revolver’ though, they’d all stopped listening and by ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ it was all ‘my’ music. One evening just before ‘The Beatles’ hit the store shelves (November 25) a local AM station played the entire sprawling, beautiful mess uninterrupted, save some in-between-sides blather. While the rest of the family watched television in another room I sat more or less glued to the floor in front of our Seabreeze hi-fi and took in the whole thing from start to finish. Wow. There’s just no way to describe the experience without resorting to the usual clichés: This was a musical journey, and the journey is still crystal clear in my memory nearly 50 years on.

  • September 1968: I am 13, before the start of the school year, a big surprise awaits me at my favorite record store of the corner. A new Beatles 45, with no more Capitol label and a song that does not seem to finish. I even thought that my record was broken. Friday, November 22, after school, I went to my record store to buy the new Beatles album. Shocking : while showing me a white cover with the name of the Beatles embossed, my nice record dealer kept the only copy he received. So the next morning, I went downtown Montreal at Eaton to get my hands on an album that would become my album fetish, The Beatles. Happening : my older brother and several friends showed up to listen to it. I already had my favorite side (B) and all agreed that the Beatles had become unsurpassed. On the following Friday, at school, during the free period of drawing, I was allowed to bring my LP and, after listening to the A side and in front of a class in ecstasy, the teacher claimed that the Beatles would be a thing of the past well before the year 2000!

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