[NEW BOOK] Announcing: The Beatles White Album and the Launch of Apple



If you liked Bruce’s Sgt. Pepper book you will love his next book in his album series.

With contributions by Bruce, Bill King, Al Sussman, Frank Daniels, Piers Hemmingsen and others.

The 9″ x 9″ hardcover book will have tons of images, all in glorious color or original black and white. The book will be available in both a standard edition and a limited edition, which will come with an O-case, poster, bookmark and free link for the eBook edition.

Pricing and ordering information will be announced shortly. Watch this space!


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  • I did not get to hear the White Album upon its release – and not only because I just turned two. I may as well have turned 12 or 22 – growing up in Kiev, Ukraine (very much the part of USSR in 1968) did not lend one an opportunity to listen to the Western music upon its release. Placed well behind the Iron Curtain, even the adult listeners and collectors had to wait for the “black market” or “special connections” to deliver the goods. So, I must have been around 13, trudging around with my reel-to-reel player half-way across the city of Kiev to my cousin Alexey’s apartment to record those most precious – as far as I was concerned – LPs from his (mostly, jazz) collection – those released by the four Liverpool lads. The “White Album” was the only one to have required two reels to be copied but it was well worth it – I knew it straight away. From the opening noise of “Back In U.S.S.R.” to the soothing waves of “Good Night”, it was a complete journey around the world of music – and no foreign visas needed to be obtained! It sounded magical and vital all at once – and, thankfully, still does… Into the bargain, I was also introduced to the common Soviet myth that the song “Back in the U.S.S.R.” was written by Paul after a special, one-time only, secret concert that was, indeed, performed by The Beatles in the Soviet Union just prior to recording this album… Now, I have never been able to find the evidence of such concert being held, but as far as that 13-year old was concerned back then, it did not matter – the greatest music ever made was coming through my speakers in my tiny bedroom and I was willing to believe anything, transported far inside the “Glass Onion”…

  • I remember it like it was yesterday: I had just turned 10 years old when the ‘White Album’ was released, and my parents bought it for me as a Chanukah present from a local record shop where we lived in Chicago. This was an especially significant event, as it was the first Beatle album that I got upon release, and I played it over and over on my mono record player (the kind that was in what looked like a grey-colored brief case). The poster and individual pics were of course immediately thumb-tacked to my bedroom wall. I still have my original copy of the album, including my own “enhancements” to the plain white cover – 4 Day-Glo stickers from a local head-shop, including one that says “Snoopy has fleas” …keep in mind I was only 10! My buddies in the neighborhood and I were all big Beatle fans, and the ‘White Album’, along with the ‘Hey Jude’ single that preceded it, were constantly played and talked about. I have to admit that back in that era I was a little spooked by ‘Revolution 9’, having no idea what it was about (and not really sure that I do today). Fortunately, there were plenty of other songs on the double album that I really liked, and still listen to 50 years later.

  • bought the BEATLES on the day of release. a great 2 disc set. i disagree that it should of been released as a single lp. revolution 9 was an ear opener..number on BEATLES is A 1497152.

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