[NEW BOOK] Announcing: The Beatles White Album and the Launch of Apple



If you liked Bruce’s Sgt. Pepper book you will love his next book in his album series.

With contributions by Bruce, Bill King, Al Sussman, Frank Daniels, Piers Hemmingsen and others.

The 9″ x 9″ hardcover book will have tons of images, all in glorious color or original black and white. The book will be available in both a standard edition and a limited edition, which will come with an O-case, poster, bookmark and free link for the eBook edition.

Pricing and ordering information will be announced shortly. Watch this space!


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  • Looking forward to this. Thanks for such great work, Bruce. Meanwhile…any possibilities for an updated Price Guide?

  • “I don’t want Easter candy, I’d rather have a Beatles record!” I remember exclaiming as a 12 year old who was Chicago’s biggest new Beatles fan of the 1970s. It was my intention to collect every Beatles song available to play on my new vintage portable record player. Grandma took me to the nearby Musicland and I picked out my substitute for an Easter basket: The Beatles White Album. It sure gave me a lot of songs to check off my list. I was starting to decorate my room with Beatles pictures and I remember arranging the photographs included like a checkerboard on my wall, aside other pictures from magazines and photocopied out of library books. I made myself a “schedule” to learn the songs and diligently listened at least once a week, even Revolution 9. When Helter Skelter came on, I recall my Grandma saying, “OK, time to put on the headphones.” I remember impressing my friend by shutting off the turntable and moving the record backwards with my finger to hear what was supposed to be “Turn Me On Dead Man” on Revolution 9. Although I was 10 years late for the album’s release, many years later I continue to enjoy the variety my favorite band offers on this special album.

  • I rode my bike over to the “Two Guys” superstore on the day the White Album was released in San Diego.
    It cost $8.99, and I had only $5.00. So, I had to ride back home, empty-handed. The next day at school, I told my sad
    tale to a friend. A couple days later, he presented me with a brand new copy. He had asked his parents for money to
    buy the White Album, and not only did they give him the money to buy it, they said to get one for me, too.
    That was a memorable moment, and I still have it (A 0541569) today.

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