Marvel Comics and Paul McCartney

What three super-powered villains who appeared in Marvel Comics were mentioned in a Paul McCartney song recorded in New Orleans? Even if you know the answer, be sure go to the website to see the comic book covers that inspired the song!

Magneto, Titanium Man and the Crimson Dynamo were mentioned in the song “Magneto And Titanium Man,” which was recorded for the album “Venus And Mars.” The comic book covers that inspired the song are shown below. Learn more about Paul’s Apple albums in the book “The Beatles Solo on Apple Records.”


These Marvel comics from late 1974 inspired the song Magneto And Titanium Man. The cover to X-Men # 91 shows the mutant heroes battling “The Power of Magneto!” The cover to Avengers #130 depicts Marvel’s premier superhero group facing off against (left from top to bottom) the Crimson Dynamo, Slasher, Titanium Man and Radioactive Man. The Avengers are represented by (right from top to bottom) Vision, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Thor.

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