Liverpool – International Beatles Week – Aug. 22-28, 2012

Bruce Spizer to be Featured Speaker at Liverpool’s International Beatles Week

Bruce Spizer will be making two audio/visual presentations at the upcoming International Beatles Week Festival taking place in Liverpool from August 22 – 28, 2012.

Bruce’s presentation will be at the Adelphi Hotel on Sunday, August 26. His first presentation shall be at noon and will cover the 50th anniversary of the Beatles focusing on the music recorded and released by the group in the U.K. during 1962 – 1963. Highlights include the group’s failed Decca audition, EMI commercial test and initial sessions during which the Beatles first single, “Love Me Do,” was recorded. According to Spizer, “Although the Beatles were disappointed at the time, it’s a good thing they failed the Decca audition. Had they passed, they would have been produced by Mike Smith. While Smith was a competent producer, he was no George Martin. There may have been no British Invasion had the Beatles been on Decca.” Bruce’s second presentation is scheduled for 7:00 PM and is titled “The Beatles Are Coming! The Birth of Beatlemania in America.” Bruce will inform Beatle fans from across the pond the convoluted story of how Beatlemania happened in America.

Bruce will be selling and signing his books at the Adelphi Hotel all day Sunday. Look for him this year in the hotel’s main room set up next to “Liddypool” author David Bedford.

Bruce will also be at the Beatle Days show at the Marriott Hotel on Friday and Saturday. This will give people the opportunity to chat with Bruce in a less crowded environment. He will also have books for sale at the Marriott.

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