Holiday Sale

498 Productions will be putting select titles on sale for a limited period of time this holiday season.

The first holiday special will be the “Price Guide for the Beatles American Records,” which normally sells for $50. From November 1, 2011, through November 15, 2011, the book will be on sale for $22. The slipcase edition of the book, which normally sells for $75, will be on sale for $45.

Even if you do not collect Beatles records, the book’s numerous images make it a worthwhile edition to your Beatles library. The book covers all official music released by the Beatles in America from 1962 through 2007, in all vinyl (singles, albums and EPs), tape (reel-to-reel, 4-track, 8-track, cassette, playtape and DAT) and compact disc formats. All of the different record label backdrops used by Capitol are shown and explained in great detail. The book also covers the solo releases of John, Paul, George and Ringo, as well as records issued by Pete Best and George Martin and the non-Beatle items released on Apple and Dark Horse Records. The prices for near mint, very good and good condition let you know the value of each variation of each record, CD and tape so you can compare it to values for other variations of the same title. The book’s descriptions of real and fake records should prevent you from ever purchasing a counterfeit record (unless you want to buy a cheap fake as a place holder in your collection). Even if you don’t care about the prices, you will learn tons of information about the releases and see rare items you will not see anywhere else, including press kits and a plea for DJs to help make ex-Beatle Pete Best a star by spinning (playing) his records!

The book is in the same hardcover format as Bruce Spizer’s other books, with hundreds of full color images throughout—a visual delight. It’s the perfect companion to Bruce’s Beatles books.

If you’ve put off buying this book, now is the time to act! Do your friends a favor by letting them know of the sale!

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Price Guide for the Beatles American Records

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