GRAMMY Museum Mississippi Beatles Symposium, April 1-2, 2016

Beatles music expert Bruce Spizer to close Beatles symposium

Bruce Spizer, widely acknowledged as one of America’s foremost Beatles music experts, has been selected to serve as the Grand Finale presenter for the GRAMMY Museum Mississippi Beatles Symposium, April 1-2.

Having researched and penned seven books on the Fab Four including The Beatles Are Coming, The Beatles Story on Capitol Records (Parts 1 and 2), The Beatles Swan Song, The Beatles Solo on Apple Records, and many more, Spizer is a long-revered speaker at the Fest for Beatles Fans, Abbey Road on the River, the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame and the American Film Institute. He was also chosen to write the in-depth questions for The Beatles Trivial Pursuit Game.
The theme of the GRAMMY Museum Mississippi Beatles Symposium this April is “From Cavern to Candlestick.” And that is exactly the time frame that Bruce Spizer knows best – those prolific years in which The Beatles recorded at EMI’s Abbey Road Studios and toured the world performing their classic hits. Spizer knows every nuance of each record: when it was recorded, how it was recorded, which versions were rejected, and why. He is truly a Beatles music encyclopedia.

To close the exciting weekend of authors, artists, exhibits, and live bands at GRAMMY Museum Mississippi, Spizer will discuss the tremendous impact of The Beatles on America in 1964. His talk, “The Beatles are Coming!” will take visitors back to those magical days of February 1964 when The Beatles came to “The States” for the Ed Sullivan Shows, the Washington D.C. concert, Carnegie Hall, and the Miami experience.

Spizer will tell the convoluted story of how Beatlemania evolved in America, including why the group’s first records in American were on a R&B and gospel label based in Chicago and how Walter Cronkite, a 15-year-old girl from Silver Spring, Maryland, and a Washington, D.C. DJ set forth a series of events that caused Beatlemania to explode in America. In a presentation that includes music, interview clips, and rare photos of John, Paul, George, and Ringo, Spizer will bring the magic of 1964 to life again.

Recently featured on the television special, “The Beatles in New Orleans,” Spizer is the top authority for The Beatles’ studio experience, and he will be available on Friday night, 1 April, and all day Saturday, 2 April, to answer questions about the Fab Four and to sign books in the lobby of the brand new GRAMMY Museum Mississippi.

In addition, Spizer will give two tours of the remarkable Beatles exhibit entitled, “Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles!” This collection of rare Beatles memorabilia features Beatles guitars, concert suits, records, posters, photographs, and other items from the Beatlemania era. And Spizer, who knows that time frame intimately, will supply wonderful back stories for visitors that weekend.

With six distinguished Beatles authors presenting, three artists exhibiting, and a live band performing, the GRAMMY Museum Mississippi and Delta State University Beatles Symposium is a rare experience for fans of all ages. On top of these offerings, Ivor Davis – who toured with The Beatles in 1964 – and Freda Kelly, the respected Fan Club Secretary who worked for NEMS for 12 years, will also speak that weekend. The story of Freda Kelly’s life, “Good Ol’ Freda” will be shown on Saturday afternoon.

For more information on the GRAMMY Museum Mississippi and Delta State University Beatles Symposium, go to their website. The cost is only $35 for the entire weekend, and all events are family friendly.  (Article Source: