Fest for Beatles Fans, Chicago, Aug. 10-12, 2012

Summer has ‘arrived’ and thoughts turn to the 36th Annual Chicago Beatles Fans Celebration – THE FEST FOR BEATLES FANS 2012 – CHICAGO! One of the unique features of our FESTS since 1974, is we have been able to present so many of the people involved in the entire Beatles story, and the upcoming Chicago Guest Lineup is no exception! Instead of just being names in a book or musicians on records, they have come to life and told their parts of the story in front of live audiences of Beatles Fans at THE FEST FOR BEATLES FANS 2012.

Bruce will be a participant on the “Meet the Guest Authors” panel on Friday night at 6:45 in the Rosemont Ballroom. Later that evening he will be on a panel with Al Sussman and Tom Frangione discussing songs that Paul McCartney should do in concert. The session is titled “Why Don’t He Do These On The Road?”

On Saturday, Bruce will give an audio/visual presentation on the 50th anniversary of the Beatles, which will cover what was going on in the U.K. during 1962 and 1963. The presentation will be in the Rosemont Ballroom at 1:00 PM.

On Sunday, Bruce will give his highly acclaimed “The Beatles Are Coming!” presentation, which covers the birth of Beatlemania in America during the years 1963 and 1964. The presentation will be in the Rosemont Ballroom at 12:10 PM.

His final presentation will be on Sunday at 5:30 PM in the O’Hare Ballroom, where Bruce will lead a panel discussion on the rock ’n’ roll influences on the Beatles, complete with comparative recordings of songs by the original artists and the Beatles.

Check out the Fest’s fab lineup at   www.thefest.com

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