Bruce’s Ballyhooed Beatles Butcher Presentation at Chicago Fest – August 12–14, 2016

Bruce Spizer will be a guest at the Chicago Fest for Beatles Fans this weekend (August 12 – 14, 2016) at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare. In addition to being in the market place meeting with fellow Beatles fans and signing copies of his books, Bruce will be on two panels and give two audio/visual presentations. On Friday, Bruce will be on the 6:30 pm guests and author’s panel (Main Ballroom) and on a special 10:45 pm panel Remembering 1966, with Al Sussman, Wally Podrazik and Chuck Gunderson (Act Naturally Stage). On Saturday, Bruce will give his famous presentation on the Beatles Butcher Cover in the Main Ballroom at 12:10 PM. Please note the early starting time and make it a point to be there. Bruce will tell the true story behind the Butcher Cover, piecing together one of the more fascinating and complex puzzles about the group and its U.S. record company, Capitol Records. The presentation will have over 100 images, including all of the important pictures from both the Butcher Cover and Trunk Cover sessions with Bob Whitaker, including pictures of Whitaker at work and the group’s reaction to seeing the Butcher pictures for the first time. On Sunday, Bruce will be in the A/V room (in the lower level by the market place) for a 5:00 pm presentation on the Capitol Albums. Bruce will explain why Capitol reconfigured the Beatles albums for the United States, going through the reasoning behind each LP. You will learn that Capitol did not butcher the Beatles, but rather successfully marketing the group to America. Both presentations will be full of fun facts, humor, tons of images and great Beatles music. Be sure to catch them.

For those unable to attend, you can learn about the Butcher Cover and the Capitol albums from Bruce’s revised and expanded digital edition of “The Beatles’ Story on Capitol Records, Part Two: The Albums,” which is available for immediate download.