Boygenius SNL tribute to the Beatles

In case you missed it, the band Boygenius paid tribute to the Beatles on Saturday Night Live’s November 11, 2023 show. Rolling Stone wrote an article on this noting that the female group wore matching suits. But the magazine failed to mention the many other aspects of the tribute. The group’s outfits closely resembled the black suits, white shirts, thin black ties and boots worn by the Beatles on their first Ed Sullivan Show appearance on February 9, 1964.

In addition, the stage was designed to mimic the Beatles set design from the second segment of their debut Sullivan show appearance as immortalized on the “Something New” album cover. The drummer accompanying the group played on a drum riser modeled after the one used by Ringo, and the Ludwig bass drum head had “Boygenius” written in the same font used on Ringo’s Ludwig bass drum head, but with a drop “Y” instead of a drop “T.”

For the first song, singer Phoebe Bridgers played a black and white Rickenbacker Capri model similar to the guitar used by John on the Sullivan show.

Here is the link to the article. Be sure to check out the video of the group’s performance of “Not Strong Enough,” the more Beatles-sounding of their two songs.

Boygenius Rocks ‘SNL’ Stage in Suits, Channeling The Beatles (

Image: Boygenius Rocks ‘SNL’ Stage in Suits, Channeling The Beatles ©Provided by Rolling Stone

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