Beatles female parody group Trivia

It did not take long for the Beatles to work their way into American pop culture. Within a month of the group’s third and final 1964 appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 23, 1964, a female parody group featuring three cast members of a hot first-year CBS comedy show appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show to promote their upcoming appearance on their own show.

What was the name of the group?

What song did they perform on both The Ed Sullivan Show and on their own show two nights later?

What was the name of the comedy show?

Who were the members of the group?

BONUS: Who joined the group at the end of the episode as a replacement for one of the girls?

On March 22, 1964, Ed Sullivan introduced the Ladybugs to the world. The group “performed” a gender-revised Beatles song,  I Saw Him Standing There. Two nights later, the Ladybugs were the focus of episode 27 of Petticoat Junction. The group consisted of Shady Rest hotel owner Kate Bradley’s three daughters, Billy Jo, Bobbie Jo and Betty Jo, plus the sheriff’s daughter, Sally Ragsdale, who was played by Sheila James. (Sheila had previously played the part of Zelda in the TV show The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis and later became a California senator as Sheila Jones Kuehl.) When Sheriff Ragsdale insisted that his daughter quit the group, she was replaced by Uncle Joe, complete with matching Beatle wig and Ladybugs T-shirt!

NOTE: This hilarious episode is included on the DVD Petticoat Junction – The First Official Season. In addition to I Saw Him Standing There, the group performs a song most likely titled I’ll Be Your Ladybug with lyrics like “I’ll be your ladybug if only you will be my Beatle (yeah, yeah).” Uncle Joe tries to hook the group up with a manager based on Elvis manager Col. Parker.

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You Tube has a video of the Ladybug’s appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, which is entertaining but in poor quality – Click here to go to Youtube to see this.

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