Affiliate Partner Program FAQ and Instructions

Welcome! Thank you for joining our Affiliate Program. We appreciate your support. We value ‘word of mouth’ so we’ve created the Affiliate Partner Program. Every time you refer a customer our way, we’ll pay you a percentage of sales your referral makes as a thank you.

Quick Start

Login to your Affiliate Portal and get  your link.

Use your knowledge of the people who come to your site to choose the types of links that will be most appealing and most likely to invite clicks. You can choose from a wide range of options to help you with your referrals: banner ads, content sharing, links to specific products, link to our home page. You choose which work best for you.

Home Page Link: You can earn revenue by simply linking to our homepage from your website.

Banners: We have a series of banners that you can choose from that link to our home page or to certain subject pages.

Text Links: Link to the home page or any of our range of products or articles and really target your links to your visitors. Use our Link Generator to create links that include your affiliate ID. We recommend that you display the cover image, author, publisher and summary information as well as the title.

Content Sharing [COMING SOON]: We have selected a wide range of topics from our huge library of articles written by Bruce for you to post on your site. It will clearly indicate that it is partner content, and all links within the article pointing to will include your affiliate link.

Your Affiliate Portal is where you can check your revenue, payments, change your address or password, and obtain links to post on your site.


Use your existing account login.


“Creatives” are the links and banners for you to use on your site and social media. This is where you create new links and find pre-made links and banners.

Go to your Affiliate Portal.

Use one of the generated links in the “creatives” menu in your affiliate dashboard. These can be used in your posts on your website, facebook, twitter, email etc.

Your Affiliate Link Using Affiliate ID:

This will direct your referrals to the home page of

Referral URL Generator

Enter any URL from in the field, click the generate link button and then copy the link to your clipboard and then paste wherever you want to use it.

Any time you use one of your affiliate links, whether on your own website, social media or email, you need to disclose that you may receive compensation if they click the link you’re sharing.  The disclosure ought to be “clear and conspicuous” and the words “affiliate link” by themselves might not be adequate.


This page contains affiliate links. If you purchase through my link here I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. It keeps my site up and allows me to provide beautiful content. I personally read and endorse Bruce Spizer’s books.

I receive a small referral fee for recommending this product. However, this is at no extra cost to you and I recommend Bruce Spizer’s books because I genuinely love them.

Read the FTC’s endorsement guide for more information.

Once you have created a link using one of the above methods, just insert the link in a blog, tweet, facebook post, email, anywhere someone can click. Remember, no matter what page you send someone to, you will receive a commission on everything they buy within the next year

Write about us on your blog

TIP: You can use this method to link to our articles and other pages to tag your referral

Content sharing

Link to any of our wide range of articles. Just copy the url address for the article, write a quick snippet about the article on your blog or facebook post, and then include the disclosure and affiliate link.

In your own WooCommerce Estore

Note: We recommend only writing posts and articles about our products rather than creating products in your estore because our product descriptions, inventory and sales are always changing.

If you already have your own WooCommerce store you can add some of our products to your store using Product Type “External/Affiliate”

  1. Copy the URL for the product

Go to your Affiliate Portal and generate your Affiliate Link using the Link Generator. This will tag the link with your Affiliate ID. Copy this new link.

2. Create a new product. Enter product name and description – copy directly from Please do not alter the text.

3. Under Product Data, select External/Affiliate product.

4. Paste the link that you generated in your Affiliate Portal into the Product URL field.

The product appears like any other product, but there will not be an Add to Cart button. In its place there is a Buy button (text can be customized) and when clicked leads to the product page on where it can be purchased. Our system will log the sale along with any other purchases your referral makes.

Learn more HERE

Note: we cannot provide any technical support for WooCommerce, WordPress, plugins or other ecommerce platform.

Do you have lots of Beatles fan friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platform? Do you belong to some Beatles Facebook Groups? Share your love of Bruce’s Books and his fabulous articles and make money doing it!

Please follow the platform’s terms and conditions as well as their instructions for posting affiliate links. We cannot provide legal or technical advice on how to post them properly. Please Don’t Spam!

Important: be sure to tag and disclose your relationship in all posts or comments when using your affiliate link.

For a disclosure, you could write something like: “Use my affiliate link to visit Bruce’s site. I recommend the product because I genuinely use and love it.”

“That’s my referral link. I’ll be compensated for referring you!”

“I am a big fan of Bruce Spizer’s books. Here’s my referral link if you want to check out his site. He has a tone of great articles and his series of books on the Beatles are some of the best researched.”

If you received free product from us to review, you must clearly state this in your disclosure.

Example: “Bruce sent me a free copy of this book to review. You can order it here using my referral link. He did not pay me to write this review, but I will receive compensation for any sales if you use my link. Enjoy!”

Read full terms and conditions here

Don’t Spam

You may not use your affiliate links on any social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) such as including it in a comment or sharing one of our posts with your link to attempt turning those links into affiliate sales.

Don’t Use Your Affiliate Link On Coupon & Deal Sites
Don’t False Advertise In Any Manner…
Don’t Change Our Logos Or Banners
Don’t Use Your Affiliate Link For Your Own Purchases
Don’t Offer Unofficial Discount & Coupon Codes

We will not approve affiliates who feature offensive material (hate, sexually explicit. etc.) and we reserve the right to refuse or revoke membership without warning or explanation at any time.

No commissions will be paid for products purchased by affiliate members.

Commission Reversal Policy: We reserve the right to reverse commissions due to order cancellations, duplicate tracking, returns, disputed charges, and program violations as outlined. Cause for commission reversal includes:

Program violations as defined in affiliate program terms and conditions
Duplicate Tracking
Non-responsive communication after many attempts are made to contact via the information listed in your network profile.
Inability to validate traffic source to our Affiliate Program with discernible proof.

Violations will be taken seriously and evaluated on a case by case basis. If any of the above violations are proven true, we reserve the absolute right to reverse orders, set your commission to 0%, suspend you from the program, or terminate your account. We recognize some issues may be the product of system automation. If needed, we will work with you to uncover the source of the problem.

The following products are currently excluded from earning commissions: Archive Editions. Commission rate may change without notice.

No. Once a customer clicks on your affiliate link and purchases a product from, you will get the commission regardless of which of your links they clicked on. So even if you simply link to the home page, you will still get a commission if they purchase a product.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link to, a cookie is placed in their browser which is used by our system to identify who referred them.

How do I get credit for my orders?

When a person clicks on an affiliate link from your site, a cookie is applied to that person’s computer. The link clicked has your unique PurpleTrail affiliate ID number embedded. Our system tracks the cookie and applies the sale to your PurpleTrail affiliate account once that person completes an order. The cookie will remain valid for 30 days from when the link was clicked.

Make sure you are using the full affiliate links obtained from your affiliate account. Please make sure you are not using public URL’s from our website, as we cannot properly track orders or pay commissions unless you use your affiliate link.

Do product returns affect my commission?

Yes. Your account will be debited the commission under the following circumstances:

Customer returns products(s) for a refund
Credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute
Credit card fraud

Anyone may submit an application. However, we reserve the right to deny membership to a website or revoke a website’s membership any time if we deem it contains or links to objectionable material. Objectionable material includes, but is not limited to, pornography, explicit language or content, violence, discrimination, promotion of illegal activities, violation of intellectual property rights or laws, libelous, defamatory or disparaging materials, or websites with little or no original content.

If a visitor comes to from your website but leaves without purchasing, the cookie tracking is good for 6 months. When they return, even if they navigate directly to the website and as long as they make a purchase within the specified number of days, you will earn commission from the sale as long as the customer has not deleted the cookies from their computer.

Yes! has a lot of other exclusive books not sold on Amazon so there are used, rare, collectible and out of print books and other items which can only be found on our site. Your referrals will also have access to our special sales and seasonal promotions. Orders from also include free author personalization and goodies not included in Amazon sales.

No. You can use your link on social media, email, or other online platform that allows people to click on affiliate links.

We will pay you directly to your PayPal account once you have reached our minimum payout threshhold.
We will process payment 60 days after completed sale to allow for purchase clearance (refunds, order changes, payment clearance) of the purchase.

Yes, as long as your country of residence is supported by Paypal. Commissions will be paid in U.S. dollars via Paypal. If you will be conducting business outside the United States, you must adhere to that country’s laws and rules. We ship internationally.

We want to feature your products too! Do you have an estore? Do you sell something Beatles like art or memorabilia?

Do you have an affiliate program? We can add your products to our estore or write about them on our blog.