50 Years Ago

50 years ago, Beatles author/historian Bruce Spizer was in the second grade at Newman School in New Orleans, Louisiana. He, like most Americans, had yet to hear of the Beatles. But 50 years later he is writing a weekly email article about what was going on with the Fab Four 50 years ago.

Each week, Bruce gives a detailed account about the group’s concert, radio and television appearances, recording sessions and other significant happenings (record releases, etc.) that occurred during the week 50 years ago. The email also includes trivia questions.

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  • Just heard you on Coast to Coast, very informative. As all I’m a fan and was devastated on the death of John and George. Thanks for keeping our hippie dream alive.

  • Hi Bruce you have met a lot of
    People over the years met you
    A number of times when you
    We’re at all the beatle fest in
    California also say hi too perry
    Cox looking forward too the
    Book and good luck with it

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