The Beatles began the week of May 13, 1963, with the knowledge that they now had the top single, From Me To You, and the top album, Please Please Me, in the U.K. After an all-too-rare day off, the group played the Rink Ballroom in Sunderland, Durham on Tuesday and the Royalty Theatre in Chester, Cheshire on Wednesday.

On Thursday the Beatles made an appearance on the BBC children’s show, Pops And Lenny, which featured pop music and the glove puppet Lenny the Lion. The group played From Me To You and a minute of Please Please Me on the half-hour show, which was broadcast live at 5:00 p.m. They also joined Lenny the Lion and the rest of the cast for the closing number, the standard After You’re Gone.

The Beatles started the weekend with a Friday night concert at the Grosvenor Rooms in Norwich, Norfolk. Saturday, May 18, was the start of the Beatles third national package tour of the year, this time headlined by Roy Orbison. Although Orbison began the tour with top billing, this quickly changed with the Beatles moving into the headline spot based on demand generated by having the top single and album. The group’s seven-song set was all killer, no filler, with Some Other Guy, Do You Want To Know A Secret, Love Me Do, From Me To You, Please Please Me, I Saw Her Standing There and Twist And Shout. The opening show was at the Adelphi Cinema in Slough, Buckinghamshire, followed by a Sunday concert at the Gaumont Cinema in Hanley.

Today’s trivia questions are in honor of the Lenny the Lion and pertain to further involvement with children’s shows by former Beatles.

  1. Which Beatle wrote and produced an animated film released in 1984?
  2. What was the name of the 1984 animated film written and produced by a Beatle?
  3. What film was the 1984 animated film paired with for its theatrical release?
  4. What song from the 1984 animated film reached number three on the U.K. singles chart?
  5. Which Beatle served as the narrator for a British children’s TV show from 1984 – 1986?
  6. What was the name of the British children’s TV show narrated by a Beatle from 1984 – 1986?

  1. Paul McCartney.
  2. Rupert And The Frog Song.
  3. The Paul McCartney film Give My Regards To Broad Street.
  4. We All Stand Together.
  5. Ringo.
  6. Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends.


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