The Beatles began the month of October 1963 fresh from their two-weeks plus vacations. On the morning of Thursday, October 3, John, Paul and Ringo were back at Abbey Road to embellish a pair of songs destined for their second album, With The Beatles. Ringo overdubbed a new vocal onto his contribution for the album, I Wanna Be Your Man, while John and Paul overdubbed vocals onto Little Child. That afternoon, all four Beatles were interviewed at Brian Epstein’s London NEMS offices for the BBC radio program The Public Ear. Their interview was broadcast on November 3 as part of a 12-minute segment on the Beatles and the Merseyside sound.

On Friday, October 4, the group made its first appearance on an ITV television show that was normally broadcast live on Friday nights. The program featured musical acts miming their songs in front of or surrounded by a dancing audience of hip London youngsters. For their debut on this legendary show, the Beatles performed Twist And Shout and both sides of their current hit single, I’ll Get You and She Loves You. Although I’ll Get You had harmonica, John did not bother to pretend he was playing the instrument, thus making it obvious that the group was lip-syncing their way through the songs.

On Saturday, the Beatles played the Concert Hall in Glasgow, Scotland. On Sunday, the group played two separate shows at the Carlton Theatre in Sinclairtown, Scotland.

Today’s questions cover the Beatles television appearance broadcast live on Friday, October 4, 1963.

1.    What was the name of the legendary ITV Friday night music program in which the Beatles made their debut on October 4, 1963?
2.    What British female singer interviewed the Beatles on the show?

  1. Ready, Steady, Go! The popular show’s tag line was “The Weekend Starts Here!”
  2. Dusty Springfield. Click here to see their first performance on Ready, Steady, Go!

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