The Beatles spent the week of Monday, August 19, through Saturday, August 24, 1963, performing at the Gaumont Cinema in Bournemouth, Hants.  As was the case with the previous week’s concerts, the Beatles performed two shows each night for separate audiences. On Wednesday, the Beatles may have traveled to Abbey Road Studios in London to observe part of the mixing session for the songs recorded for their second album. On Thursday, the Beatles traveled to Southampton to tape a lip-sync of “She Loves You” for the Southern Television program Day By Day, which was broadcast later that evening at 5:55 PM.

The broadcast of She Loves You on Southern Television was good timing as the singles was set for release the next day on August 23, 1963. The Beatles got additional television exposure on the Saturday broadcast of ABC Television’s Luck Stars (Summer Spin), which showed the group miming both “She Loves You” and the B-side “I’ll Get You.” The show, which had been taped on August 18, was shown at 6:05 PM. During the day, Beatles fans got to hear the Beatles perform both sides of the new single plus four more songs on the BBC radio program Saturday Club, which was broadcast from 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon. (The group had recorded the songs for that program on July 30.)

The Beatles closed the week with a Sunday, August 25, 1963, concert at ABC Theatre in Blackpool.

Today’s trivia questions cover an important photograph taken during the Beatles stay in Bournemouth during the week of August 19, 1963.

1.         What important photograph of the Beatles was taken during the group’s stay in Bournemouth during the week of August 19, 1963? [Hint: The picture has been with the Beatles for 60 years now!]

2.         Who was the photographer who took the picture?

3.         On what U.K. records issued in 1963 and 1964 was the picture used?

4.         On what U.S. records issued in 1964 was the picture used?

5.         At what hotel was the picture taken?

1.         The photo that would be used for the cover of the group’s second U.K. album, “With The Beatles,” was taken during the group’s stay in Bournemouth during the week of August 19, 1963.

2.         The iconic black and white photograph was taken by Robert Freeman.

3.         In the U.K., the photo was used on the cover of the “With The Beatles” LP and the “All My Loving” EP.

4.         In the U.S., the photo was used on the cover of Capitol’s “Meet The Beatles!” album. It was also used on the cover to the Capitol compact 33 juke box disc of the same album and on the sleeve of the first Beatles open-end interview disc issued by Capitol.

5.         The picture was taken at the Beatles hotel, the Palace Court.

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